• Arlington Branch created in summer of 1952
  • First organizational meeting, Oct. 14, 1952, with 22 charter members. Dues: $5.50
  • Marjorie Andrasko elected president
  • First program meeting at Arlington Club, now part of Arlington Baptist College; speaker Dr. Ruth Anderson, TCU Professor
  • Began study/action for creation of Arlington Teen Center to prevent delinquency
  • Observer Corps started by Branch representatives attending Arlington Recreational Board meetings
  • Supports state legislation to raise teacher pay and to allow women to serve as jurors


  • Two $75 scholarships given to graduates of Arlington State College (ASC), a junior college (in 1959 became University of Texas at Arlington – UTA)
  • In light of Supreme Court civil rights ruling, “Integration in Our Community and How it Can be Achieved” was meeting topic
  • Branch sends case of beef, books and clothing to Arlington’s sister city, Koenigshaun, Bavaria, Germany
  • Gave Holiday Party for foreign students at ASC
  • Branch supports payment of poll taxes
  • Autrey Nell Wiley, Professor at Texas State College for Women (now Texas Woman’s University) was general meeting speaker; after retirement joined Branch
  • First $500 Named Gift to Educational Foundation (EF) given in 1956 to honor Marye Lou Goldner, charter member and second Branch president. In 1978 Named Gift Honorees becomes an annual award


  • First payment toward Branch assessment of $420 for purchase of AAUW headquarters building in Washington, D.C. (Paid in full in January 1961)
  • Josephine Parker, Branch member, attends International Federation of University Women (IFUW) Conference
  • Branch donates 52 books to Arlington Public Library
  • “Equal Pay for Equal Work” general meeting topic
  • Lena Hancock is 1958 Named Gift Honoree


  • Local scholarships discontinued in favor of making larger contributions to EF
  • Dues increased to $8.50 in 1960
  • Status of Women committee presents skit, in costume, examining “A Century of Legislative Programs for Women in the U.S.A.”


  • Branch supports City Council’s expansion of library system by sponsoring essay contest in junior and senior high schools on “Why We Need a Better Public Library”
  • Participates in Texas State Division (TSD, later AAUW TX) survey resulting in the book Texas Project Re-Entry, which explores attitudes toward mature women returning to campus; copies placed in local libraries
  • Branch conducts survey in Arlington examining the need for a day care center. Using AAUW data, several organizations create Arlington Day Care Center.
  • Marye Lou Goldner is 1961 Named Gift Honoree


  • Mayor Tom Vandergriff’s topic at general meeting “What Are Arlington’s Problems, How Can We Solve Them?”
  • In 1962 the first TSD Legislative Day was held in Austin
  • Branch hosts TSD area workshop on the theme: “Building Quality Programs”


  • Branch adopts “College Faculty Program” (limited to 11 southern states) aimed at women 35 years+ with bachelor’s degrees or higher, to develop new source of college faculty
  • Calendars and fruitcake sales raise funds for Educational Foundation
  • Donates tables and chairs for library at Arlington Boys’ Club
  • Melba Hammack is 1965 Named Gift Honoree


  • Junior Great Books Program sponsored by Branch to encourage reading at junior high level
  • By 1966, five TSD Presidents have visited the Branch
  • Members donate to the Coretta Scott King Fund


  • First evening study group established – a literature group
  • Amon Carter Museum Director is speaker at general meeting on “Society’s Reflection of the Arts”
  • General meeting topics include: “Local Solutions to Community Problems, UTA Meets the Challenge”; “Human Use of Urban Space”; “This Beleaguered Earth”
  • Mary Swisher Smith is 1970 Named Gift Honoree


  • Branch supports study of solid waste problems by state legislative committee
  • First Branch newsletter in 1970, edited by Eleanor Ford
  • Resulting from a study led by Katherine Martin, Branch Community Area Representative, three local organizations join Branch in establishing Arlington Volunteer Center to coordinate the needs/volunteers of 60 Arlington non-profits
  • Mary Porter represents Branch at AAUW/United Nations Seminar in New York City on “This Beleaguered Earth and What the UN is Doing About It”
  • Allena Pace, TSD President, discusses double standard for men and women in graduate school admissions at Branch meeting
  • Dallas Branch hosts 1971 AAUW Convention; many from Arlington Branch attended and helped with hosting duties
  • Arlington Citizen-Journal names the Branch one of the three outstanding local service organizations


  • Branch supports Conservation Council’s program of five linear park sites as wisest use of flood plains
  • State Senator Betty Andujar is guest speaker at general meeting
  • Branch Observer Corps attends City Council, School Board, and Planning and Zoning meetings
  • TSD President Jeanette Pool speaks at Branch meeting on “Strengthening Association Ties”
  • Fundraising cookbook, Cooking By Degrees, compiled by members, raises funds for EF and other projects
  • Reading is Fundamental (RIF) program begun in 1973, growing out of study/action group on “Crisis in Public Education” chaired by Sheri S. Quick; Kappie Sattler first RIF Chair
  • Interbranch Council for the North Texas Metroplex (NTMIC) organized in the home of Branch President, June Lucas
  • Georgia McLemore Billingsley is 1974 Named Gift Honoree


  • Joint seminars held with UTA’s Women’s Studies Dept. on assertiveness, legal concerns, and job readiness
  • Thelma Swindell, Branch member, longtime organizer and volunteer, becomes first paid director of Arlington Volunteer Center
  • Arlington Citizen-Journal recognizes Branch for its contribution to the community through RIF program
  • Books on Texana and Americana placed in library in memory of Branch Past President Gwen Wheeler
  • “Global Interdependence” topic of general meeting
  • Gifted and Talented Association grows out of study/action group on “creativity” led by Education Area Representative Mary Ann Hargrove, assisted by Kappie Sattler. Group instrumental in establishing Gifted and Talented Institute in Ft. Worth and the Gifted and Talented Program in the Arlington Independent School District (AISD)
  • Gwen Wheatley Wheeler is 1976 Named Gift Honoree


  • Joan McCrea, UTA Corporate Representative, represents the Branch and UTA at IFUW Conference in Hawaii
  • Carolyn Chapman serves on TSD Board as topic chair for “World Pluralism”
  • Branch co-sponsors local Candidates’ Forum with Arlington League of Women Voters
  • Surprise pre-nuptial party for past Branch President and Charter Member Mary Swisher, fiancée of G. Elton Smith. Mary retires as a librarian at UTA, receives her first driver’s license, purchases an automobile, and becomes a bride all in the same year, 1977.
  • Eleven members attend TSD Legislative Days in Austin
  • Six Flags Sunrise Kiwanis begins financial support to RIF, soon followed by Altrusa
  • Mayor S. J. Stovall declares Sept. 10-16, 1978 “AAUW Week”
  • Marjorie Russel Nash is 1978 Named Gift Honoree


  • Alice Church, TSD president, panelist at UTA’s Woman Fair speaks on “Women in Science”
  • 1979-80 Yearbook dedicated to professors emeritus Dr. Margaret Lee Wiley and Dr. Autrey Nell Wiley, Branch members
  • Branch banner, now residing in Smithsonian Institution, depicting “International Year of the Child” theme, displayed at TSD Convention in Amarillo and at IYC Conference in Ft. Worth in 19 Judy Anderson, Betty Barnett, Betsy Hudon, designers/artists; Betsy Brewer, International Relations Area Rep.
  • Branch works for passage of Equal Rights Amendment
  • Interbranch Council forum on transportation with NASA astronaut

Dr. Shannon Lucid

  • Five delegates attend AAUW Convention in Albuquerque, NM. Sold needlecraft kits bearing AAUW logo
  • Reception honoring Australian AAUW International Fellow, Frances Woods, doctoral candidate from Dallas Linguistics Center and UTA
  • Susan Mariani receives AAUW Project Renew grant in 1979
  • Nancy Moss Stankosky is 1979 Named Gift Honoree


  • Texas giftwrap, designed by member Cynthia Griffin as Branch fund raiser, introduced at UTA’s Woman Fair. Project co-chaired by Judy Anderson and Barbie Meyer
  • Barb von der Heydt receives AAUW Project Renew grant in 1981
  • AAUW’s 100th birthday acknowledged by Mayor S. Stovall designating March 15-21, 1981 “AAUW Week”
  • General meeting topic is “Women in Non-Traditional Careers”
  • December Holiday Dinner Party to become an annual tradition
  • Book Collectors Study Group started by Vivian Seidle
  • Creative Writing Study Group led by Jane Bates contributes articles about AAUW to the Arlington CitizenJournal
  • Five-member delegation attends AAUW’s Centennial Convention in Boston in 1981
  • Distinguished Branch members and sisters, Autrey Nell Wiley,(a former AAUW fellow) and Dr. Margaret Lee Wiley, (in whose name an AAUW fellowship was established) attend TSD Convention in Irving in 1981
  • First Book Fair Nov. 1982 at National Guard Armory; idea and impetus from Vivian Seidle; Cherie Snowden, first Book Fair Chair
  • Mary Swisher Smith named Outstanding Woman by TSD in 1980
  • June Tramel Lucas is 1980 Named Gift Honoree
  • Katherine Martin named Outstanding Woman by TSD in 1981
  • Eleanor Perry Ford and Vivian Seidle are 1981 Named Gift Honorees


  • Diane Feldman serves on TSD board as topic chairman for “Money Talks”
  • Branch observes 30th Anniversary at luncheon recognizing past presidents and charter memb Group photo. TSD president Dr. Lynn Solomon attends
  • Branch sponsors workshop “Beyond Atari: The Home Computer”
  • “Investing by Degrees” Branch investment club organized
  • First “Collectors’ Corner” Book Fair Catalog begins as single page, grows to 18 pages by 1995 when Ann Bastable retires as editor
  • Branch begins annual recognition of Outstanding Woman of the Year in 1982
  • Jeanne Ford named 1982 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Anne Marie Biondo named 1983 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Carolyn Burklund Chapman is 1982 Named Gift Honoree
  • Elizabeth Anderson Baker and Diane Nemeczek Feldman are 1983 Named Gift Honorees


  • Book Fair sorting and storage moves from National Guard Armory to Arlington Citizen-Journal building
  • Branch begins $500 annual contribution to Arlington Fire Department in appreciation of its cooperation in providing collection sites for used books
  • Branch receives AAUW Special Projects grant to implement “Peace and National Security” study project; Sharon Noyce and Kay Taebel, co-chairs
  • Diane Feldman is delegate to 1985 AAUW Convention in Columbus, Ohio
  • Suzanne Sweek receives AAUW Project Renew grant in 1986
  • Thelma Robinson Swindell named 1984 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Dottie Lynn named 1985 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Judith Badke Anderson, Katherine Newton Martin and Dr. Joan Ryan McCrea are 1984 Named Gift Honorees
  • Ann Blocker Bastable, Barbara Field Meyer, Ellen Enright Pacilio, Ruth Washburn Warner and Dr. Margaret Lee Wiley are 1985 Named Gift Honorees


  • First annual Career Guidance Fair for girls organized and chaired by Elaine Herring, March 1987; idea and impetus from President Diane Feldman
  • Vivian Seidle serves on TSD board as Public Information Chair
  • AAUW Convention 1987 in Houston votes to admit men to membership. Branch delegates sell Texas gift wrap with 8 Branch delegates attending
  • Branch observes 35th Anniversary October 1987 recognizing past and present members who contributed significantly to RIF
  • Pledges and makes initial contribution to $35,000 Arlington (TX) Branch Research and Projects Endowment (Paid in full March 1996)
  • President Diane Feldman forms committee to explore giving financial aid to UTA women students in need from Book Fair profits; implemented in 1989
  • Martha Walker named 1986 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Ann Hamilton named 1987 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Marsha Streifer Abeson, Gail Concklin Curry, Deborah Doudna Gunn, Katherine Idol Howe, Sharon Stewart Noyce, Johnnie Carole Robertson, Kay Swan Taebel and Lillie Sjolander Williamson are 1986 Named Gift Honorees
  • Deborah Hume Boutier, Peggy Brandt Brown, Sherry Shannon Dunaway, Ruth Harrison Feldman, Suzanne Murray Noonan, Mary Schramm Penson, Bernadette Riley Riordan, Diane Kemp Schrecengost, Mary Glenzinski Singel and Karen Clark Vosdoganes are 1987 Named Gif Honorees


  • Branch resumes giving scholarships to female UTA students
  • Kathryn Head, UTA College/University Representative
  • Branch program given by Nettie Ma of China, AAUW Fellow studying at University of North Texas
  • AAUW’s Public Policy chair, Joan Haan and committee help create the Recycling Coalition of Arlington
  • Book Fair Chair becomes Vice-President position through Branch Bylaws change
  • Donna Brasher named 1988 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Catherine Evans named 1989 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Beverly L. Elbert, Elaine Herring, Connie Kredel Nolen, Sarah J. Walker, and Ruth Bedford Watts are 1988 Named Gift Honorees
  • Nancy Peyton Bennett, Margaret Frey Clark, Mary Louise Jensen, Barbara H. von der Heydt and Monica Stephens White are 1989 Named Gift Honorees


  • Book Fair sorting and storage operations move from Arlington Citizen-Journal building to Arlington Charities building
  • AAUW Community Action grant awarded to Career Guidance Fair in 1991
  • Branch undergoes and overcomes serious controversy over membership in Tarrant County Choice Network
  • Branch emphasizes “Initiative for Educational Equity”
  • Tillie Burgin named 1990 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Kay Taebel named 1991 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Jane Cox Bates, Jane DePasquale Gallant, Kathryn A. Head, Janice Denmark Preiss, and Harriet Pruitt are 1990 Named Gift Honorees
  • Doskye L. Caldwell, Beverly Runyon Fogleman, Joan Boersma Haan, Nancy Hudson Lewis and Ann Bauer White are 1991 Named Gift Honorees


  • Diane Feldman serves as AAUW TX Nominating Committee Chair
  • Arlington Branch sponsors Educational Equity Roundtable, Sept.1992; Jacque Lambiase and Marsha Abeson co-chairs
  • Career Guidance Fair evolves into Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) in Science and Math in 1993; Marsha Abeson, chair
  • Branch observes 40th Anniversary Feb. 1993 with Sunday afternoon tea at Arlington Museum of Art
  • Diane Patrick named 1992 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Diana Smith named 1993 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Donna Austin, Lorraine Paull Levine and Suzanne Christian Sweek are 1992 Named Gift Honorees
  • Pat Bowers, Barbara Mark Duehn, Betty Jeanne Pettit, and Kappie Smith Sattler are 1993 Named Gift Honorees


  • Bylaws changes provide for President-Elect and elected Nominating Committee Chair; ends two-year terms for elected Branch Presidents; Edith Gavey Chair
  • Branch earns FIVE-STAR BRANCH awards from AAUW and AAUW TX in 1995; again in 1996; awards recognize branches for achievements in membership, visibility, public policy, leadership, community action and development efforts
  • Two-day retreat at Camp Broadway on Lake Worth analyzes branch goals under guidance of Carol Cushman from AAUW TX and offers get acquainted opportunities. Organized by Elaine Herring; eighteen Branch members attend
  • President Sheri S. Quick and President-Elect Elaine Herring attend AAUW Convention in Orlando, Florida in 1995
  • Auction, organized and executed by Edith Gavey, raises operating funds for Branch in 1995 and 1996
  • Continuing Branch tradition, Barbara Prabhu and Edith Gavey attend Legislative Days in Austin
  • In March 1996, with proceeds from Book Fair, Branch completes $35,000 Arlington (TX) Branch Research and Projects Endowment pledged in 1987
  • AISD provides operating and storage facilities for RIF in Annex building. Longest continuing RIF program in Texas
  • Arlington Fire Department holds open house partially funded by Branch annual contribution; nine Branch members attend
  • Julia Burgen named 1994 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Diane Feldman named 1995 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Jacqueline J. Lambiase, PhD, Kay Coldren Hawkins and Barbara Mayo are 1994 Named Gift Honorees
  • Barbara Medford is 1995 Named Gift Honoree


  • President Elaine Herring and President-Elect Barbara Prabhu attend AAUW Convention in Anaheim, CA
  • Seventeen Branch members serve as ushers in the 10th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in Ft. Worth
  • For 3rd consecutive year, Branch achieves FIVE-STAR BRANCH awards from AAUW and AAUW TX
  • Branch learns it is second highest Major Donor Branch to Educational Foundation in the state at AAUW TX 1997 Presidents’ Leadership Conference
  • Student Affiliate branch organized at UTA in 1997; Dr. Dana Dunn is faculty sponsor
  • Book Fair XV scheduled for Oct. 23-26 at National Guard Armory. In 14 years, annual event has raised, and the Branch has donated, almost $134,000 with approximately $60,000 going to EF and Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF), the remainder to RIF and charitable community organizations and projects
  • Mayor Elzie Odom proclaims October 1997 “AAUW Month”
  • Marsha Abeson named 1996 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Charline Duffie named 1997 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Charline Duffie, Carol S. Hodge, Sheri Schember Quick and Mary Watson are 1996 Named Gift Honorees
  • Edith C. Gavey, Margaret Kennedy, Barbara Block Price and Kathryn E. Thilman are 1997 Named Gift Honorees


  • On Sept. 22, 1997, the Branch celebrated its 45th Anniversary at Arlington’s First Baptist Church attended by 65 members, friends, past presidents, and charter members. A Branch history booklet and 20-minute historical video were prepared by
    Edith C. Gavey, Vivian Seidle, Marsha Abeson, Debby Gunn and President Barbara W. Prabhu, among others. AAUW TX President Carol Cushman attends. Charter member Mary Swisher Smith honored for 45 years devotion to Branch.
  • A record $22,706 was raised at Book Fair XV, with $12,975 given to AAUW sponsored programs (i.e. EF, LAF, RIF and UTA scholarships) and $2,025 to the community (Arlington Charities, Arlington Literacy Center, Women’s Shelter, Night Shelter and Arlington Youth Services)
  • A new EF $35,000 Research and Endowment Fund honoring Charter Branch Member Mary Swisher Smith is created with an initial contribution of $6,765
  • Branch membership grew 16.4% (from 128 to 149)
  • In mid-April Barbara Duehn, Sher Dunaway, Edith C. Gavey, and Barbara W. Prabhu represent the Branch at the AAUW TX State Convention in Tyler, TX
  • Branch receives four certificates of recognition at the state convention plus the prestigious Lone Star Branch Award
  • Branch RIF program distributes 4000 free books to students in Arlington Chapter I schools
  • Literature Groups I and II continue to meet monthly as they have for many years
  • In March, Marsha Abeson chairs the Branch’s day-long Expanding Your Horizons in Math & Science conference at UTA; more than 320 teen-age girls and 50 adults participate in 65 hands-on workshops
  • Eleanor Ford once again organizes Branch participation in Arlington Charities’ “Feed Arlington” project
  • Internet Liaison Gwen Mataisz creates a Branch website, updating site monthly and linking it to AAUW TX and national AAUW websites
  • Edith C. Gavey, Branch Auctioneer, helps raise $672 for operating expenses at the 3rd Annual Auction held on Feb. 23
  • AAUW Texas officially recognizes the UTA AAUW Student Affiliate as a Satellite of our Branch
  • On May 16, 1998 the Branch co-sponsors (with Arlington Youth Services) Texas’ first Sister-to-Sister Summit for teenage girls
  • Joan Bergstrom, MD named 1998 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Mickey Legg, Gyde Martin, PhD, Linda Pempsell, Elizabeth J. Pense, Barbara Williams Prabhu and June Sexton are 1998 Named Gift Honorees


  • Book Fair XVI, chaired by Nancy Bennett, again raises funds for AAUW-sponsored programs, local community organizations and services
  • For the eighth year, the Branch co-sponsors Expanding Your Horizons in Math & Science at UTA with Edith C. Gavey as Chair of the day-long conference for teen-age girls
  • Edith C. Gavey once-again organizes and serves as auctioneer at the Branch’s 4th Annual Auction to raise operating funds
  • Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), under the on-going leadership of co-chairs Janice Preiss and Betty Jeanne Pettit, distributes more than 4700 books to third graders in Arlington’s Chapter I schools
  • Barbara Medford named 1999 Woman of the Year
  • Ann Brooks, Alice Jackson, Linda Rougeux and Louise Underwood are 1999 Named Gift Honorees


  • Branch program highlights include humorous talks by Dora Dougherty Strother, aviatrix (one of the original “Fly-Girls” of WWII) and Etta Hulme, syndicated editorial and political cartoonist
  • A portion of Book Fair XVII proceeds support scholarships to four undergraduate female students at the University of Texas at Arlington. Book Fair XVII chaired by Book Fair VP, Nancy Bennett
  • Branch members and volunteers co-sponsor and help staff the day-long Expanding Your Horizons in Math & Science conference at UTA
  • The Branch’s RIF program surpasses previous efforts by distributing more than 5200 free books at 14 Chapter I schools
  • Etta Hulme named 2000 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Kay Armstrong is 2000 Named Gift Honoree


  • Book Fair XVIII, chaired by Book Fair VP Nancy Stankosky, and held at National Guard Armory is a huge success.
  • Nancy Bennett was honored by Arlington Historical Society for more than 20 years volunteer service as curator of Fielder Museum
  • Long-time Reading Is Fundamental co-chairs Janice Preiss and Betty Jeanne Pettit and team captains deliver free books to 2000 students in 14 schools continuing Branch’s tradition and distinction of being oldest continuing RIF program in Texas
  • Branch continues sponsorship of Expanding Your Horizons in Math & Science conference at UTA, with members serving on planning committee, as workshop presenters, and as volunteers at day-long event
  • In December, Elizabeth Baker hosts her annual appreciation luncheon for Book Fair workers
  • Members tour new Women’s Museum in Dallas led by museum docent and Branch member, Marsha Abeson
  • Branch continues participation in Arlington Charities’ annual food drive
  • Fire Chief Bill Strickland awarded Branch “Man of the Year” in 2001
  • Barbara Lucas, Gwen Mataisz and Sharon Schoech are 2001 Named Gift Honorees


  • President Mickey Legg and Educational Foundation VP Barbara Duehn attend AAUW National Convention in Austin, TX
  • In just weeks, Book Fair XIX changes location from National Guard Armory to St. Stephen United Methodist Church due to increased security necessary at the Armory after Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks
  • Arlington businesses sponsor tables at Book Fair XIX in response to “donation letters” prepared by Mickey Legg and Brenda Tindel and sent by members resulting in additional $650 in proceeds
  • Branch observes 50th Anniversary with review of history and accomplishments at luncheon on Sept. 14 at Cacharel Restaurant in Arlington
  • Charter member Mary Swisher Smith honored for 50 years devotion to Branch
  • Arlington Mayor Elzie Odom proclaims September 14, 2002 as the observance of AAUW’s Golden Anniversary in Arlington
  • Nila Geisel named 2002 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • “All members past and present who have made significant contributions to the Arlington Branch of AAUW on the occasion of the Branch’s 50th Anniversary” are 2002 Named Gift Honorees


  • January meeting features three members with unusual careers: Julie Amendola, Kay Hawkins and Brenda Tindel
  • Kay Armstrong attended 2003 AAUW National Convention in Washington, D.C.
  • 20th Annual Book Fair brings total of funds donated to Educational Foundation, RIF and Community to nearly $200,000.00
  • K. Carter of Arlington Citizen-Journal and Fort Worth Star-Telegram is 2003 Person of the Year, third time Arlington AAUW departed from the Outstanding Woman of the Year tradition, Arlington Fire Chief Bill Strickland was first in 2001
  • Lee Anna Spell and Brenda Tindel are 2003 Named Gift Honorees


  • Branch experiments with co-presidents: Kay Armstrong and Barbara Price
  • Marion Armstrong hosts Branch for membership recruitment wine and cheese
  • Elaine Herring leads tour of new Cowgirl Museum in Fort Worth
  • Barbara Prabhu creates Women’s Biographies Study Group in September
  • Ruby Odom, community volunteer and wife of Arlington Mayor Elzie Odom is 2004 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Marion Armstrong and Loretta Sisson are 2004 Named Gift Honorees


  • Ken Price and Andrew Armstrong barbeque for membership at September social
  • Barbara Prabhu attended the 2005 AAUW National Convention in Phoenix, AZ
  • Beth Wright, new dean of UTA College of Liberal Arts, is January speaker
  • Recognition of Branch’s completion of Mary Swisher Smith $35,000 Research and Projects Grant at April meeting. Mary Smith family member Jeanine Smith Bentley represents Mary at celebration
  • Nancy Stankosky named 2005 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • “All those who have contributed to the Arlington Branch AAUW Book Fair making possible the completion of the Mary Swisher Smith Research and Projects Grant, which was created in 1998 to honor our only active charter member” are 2005 Named Gift Honorees


  • Charter Member Mary Smith dies November 11, 2005 at age 91
  • Peggy Brandt Brown and Ann Brooks attended the 2006 AAUW TX State Convention in Dallas
  • Arlington AAUW newsletter “e-links” goes on-line, Nancy Bennett, Editor
  • State Educational Foundation Vice President Mary Dubois is November speaker with UTA AAUW; International Fellowship recipient Mamalinani Padayodi, PhD in Linguistics attends
  • Dana Dunn, Ph.D. named 2006 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Bernice Duke and Marjorie Montgomery are 2006 Named Gift Honorees


  • Arlington AAUW recognized as Star-Telegram’s Annual George Hawkes Large Organization of the Year, as part of their STARS program: “Star-Telegram Awards Recognizing Service” at the Arlington Woman’s Club ceremony
  • Yearbook dedicated to memory of Mary Smith and Alice Jackson
  • Bylaws and Policies & Procedures updated in 2007, President-Elect dropped, President’s term changed to two years; Ann Brooks Bylaws Committee Chair
  • Sher Dunaway, Program VP, arranges Branch visit to UTA Glass Blowing Lab
  • Sara Troutman, member and docent at Museum of Modern Art in Fort Worth leads tour of featured exhibit, “Pretty Baby”
  • Branch honors Janice Preiss’s 18 years of service as RIF Coordinator; Linda Pempsell takes RIF reins.
  • Wenhua Jin, AAUW UTA Fellow, is guest at the Oct. luncheon
  • Kathryn Head named 2007 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Karen Deiss and Susan Miller are 2007 Named Gift Honorees


  • Ann Brooks begins two term presidency after serving two terms as Book Fair VP
  • Book Fair marks 25th year; Nancy Stankosky and Sheri Quick are Co-VPs
  • Jay Miller, husband of Susan Miller, presents aviation photography program
  • Carole Hoyer named 2008 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Named Gift Honorees are “Family and Friends Who Have Supported Arlington AAUW activities since Branch was organized in 1952”


  • Katie Sherrod, author, producer and commentator opens year with program; Editor of “Grace and Gumption, Stories of Fort Worth Women”
  • “Quilt Mania” at Arlington Museum of Art is setting for October luncheon
  • “Top Ten Most Significant Events in Arlington’s History” is presented by Al Rollins, former Arlington City Manager
  • Nancy Bennett is 2009 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Nancy and Pete Stankosky are 2009 Named Gift Honorees


  • Ann Brooks, Lorraine Levine and Mary Ann Huslig attend 2009 AAUW National Convention in St. Louis, MO. Membership eligibility was changed to allow those with Associate degrees to become members at this convention.
  • Book Fair moves to Arlington Museum of Art
  • Sheri Quick and Nancy Stankosky complete two terms as Book Fair Co-VP’s
  • Book Fair catalog on line, linked to website advertising sites, e-mailed to buyers
  • Campaign College at UTA is inaugurated to train women to run for positions in Student Government in one day workshop; Arlington AAUW members support with reception attendance and funds
  • AAUW Educational Foundation and AAUW organization are rolled into one unit with changes in IRS and Incorporation codes
  • Branch receives PEARL award from AAUW TX for participation in areas of Protect, Educate, Advocate, Research and Leadership at state convention
  • Kathie Thilman is Membership VP
  • As of December 31, 2009 a portion of members’ dues is tax deductible
  • Board discusses Outstanding Woman criteria and decides “supporting the mission of AAUW” is the most important one
  • Linda Pempsell named 2010 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Henryette Shanks is 3rd Honorary Life Member w/ Vivian Seidle & Louise Underwood
  • Sara Troutman, Marye Drexler and Mary Ann Huslig are 2010 Named Gift Honorees


  • Nanotechnology program begins Branch year with Dr. Zenep Celik-Butler of UTA
  • Joint AAUW/LWV Candidates Forum in October, Barbara Prabhu presides
  • Lorraine Levine and Bylaws Committee update Branch’s Bylaws and Policies and Procedures with mandated national AAUW changes
  • New member Jane Freidlin starts Branch’s third literature group based on the Great Books; Women’s Biographies and Literature Groups I & II continue
  • “Elect Her: Campus Women Win” formerly Campaign College is joint effort of AAUW and Running Start with branch assistance in funding and reception ‘meet & greet’
  • July trip to AAUW Archives in Denton
  • Barbara Williams Prabhu named 2011 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Andrew Armstrong and Elizabeth Holschuh are 2011 Named Gift Honorees


  • Susan Miller, President, attends 130th anniversary celebration of AAUW in Dallas
  • Reading Is Fundamental book room moves twice within A.I.S.D. facilities
  • Book Fair sales via Internet, online catalog and on-site sign up for e-mail BF announcements are successful thanks to Book Fair VP Brenda Tindel and steering committee
  • Cheyenne Hernandez is new College-University Representative at UTA
  • Jennifer Fox is first woman in 10 years to be UTA Student Congress President
  • Member, Mary Ann Huslig, continues as AAUW TX State Bylaws Chair
  • AAUW institutes free “e-affiliate membership” for undergraduates at affiliated universities
  • Branch decorates a Christmas tree at Arlington Museum of Art with book theme
  • Joan Bergstrom, Arlington AAUW’s 1998 Outstanding Woman of the Year, is January speaker on “My Bones and Me: Aging Upright” at Sanford House brunch inaugurating Branch’s 60th anniversary year
  • Branch continues support of “Elect Her” at UTA with assistance of former College-University Rep. Kathryn Head
  • Diane Patrick, House District 94 Representative, speaks at working lunch during Elect Her,

February, 2012 at UTA, branch helped sponsor event and attended reception

  • Arlington AAUW hosts North TX Metroplex Interbranch Council
  • Branch receives Research, Education, Advocacy, and Philanthropy Award at 2012 AAUW TX Convention in Austin, attended by Susan Miller and Mary Ann Huslig
  • Susan Miller, President, and Mary Ann Huslig, Branch Publicity Chair and State Bylaws Chair, attend 2012 Texas Convention
  • Mary Ann Huslig presents workshop at state convention detailing Branch Bylaws revisions due to national by May 15
  • Branch Bylaws revised by Mary Ann Huslig to comply with national IRS and Incorporation mandated changes
  • Thirtieth Book Fair to be led by administrative committee, Kathie Thilman, Brenda Koegler and Ann Brooks, with several standing committees handling major activities
  • Kathryn Wilemon named 2012 Outstanding Woman of the Year
  • Jane Freidlin, Brenda Koegler and Lina McClintock are 2012 Named Gift Honorees


  •  Sarah Garrett and Anne Freeman were Named Gift Honorees for 2013.
  • Kay Armstrong was named 2013 Outstanding Woman of the Year.
  •  31st annual Book Fair is themed, “31 AND DONE”.  It is the last Book Fair for Arlington, TX Branch and is led by Marye Drexler.
  • Marye Drexler, Lila Kammlah, and Marcia Rober were Named Gift Honorees for 2014
  • Susan Miller was re-elected President of the AAUW Arlington Branch.
  • Branch receives Research, Education, Advocacy, and Philanthropy Award at 2014 AAUW TX Convention in Hurst.  The award was accepted by President Susan Miller.
  • Officer Stephanie Gillespie was named 2014 Outstanding Woman of the Year.


  • Mary Ann Huslig and Sheri Quick were elected as Co-Presidents.
  • National funding is cut from the Reading Is Fundamental Program.
  • Betsy Holschuh was named 2015 Outstanding Woman of the Year.
  • Pam Durall and Tarana Lizotte were Named Gift Honorees for 2015.
  • Sheri Capehart was named 2016 Outstanding Woman of the Year.
  • Linda Altoonian and Margaret McClure were Named Gift Honorees for 2015.